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Johann von Bargen
'The Traffic Guy'
Please look over some of the things that our past delegates had to say about our training courses.

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Mr Price Group - Lisa van Lelyveld:
"...I really enjoyed the seminar. I really like that it was very to the point so that you can remember everything. It was so interesting and helpful."

Mr Price Group - Justin Bodill:
"...was a great seminar, very informative and practical, made me far more aware. I am generally observant but some excellent tips were given out."

Mr Price Group - Shannon:
"... excellent presentation. Was clear and easy to understand, got his points across nicely."

Mr Price Group - Karen Hunsley:
"Great hints and tips. I will definitely be sharing this with family and friends and recommend that everyone attend it."

Mr Price Group - Hallina:
"It was fantastic, very informative and he is so easy to listen to."

Mr Price Group - Riley:
"I thought it was an amazing talk and has made me much more aware of mu surroundings."

Mr Price Group - Jenny van Winkel:
"... it was absolute eye opener and will assist me and my family on how to protect ourselves."
Radmark - Michelle van Wyk:

"...thank you, thank you, thank you, I am positive that attending your talk helped save the life of my daughter and myself with the situation that we were put through. All that went through my head was your face and your words of advice / wisdom / insight. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart..."

Mop - Peter:
"...I attended the course and put it to good use. I was travelling at night and had an attempted hijacking on myself. As per your instructions, I was in the correct gear and was able to pull away in time-thanks for saving my life..."

Spar KZN - Clive George:
"...the information was invaluable to the company's employees and the cost of the course is insignificant as it proactive and potential lifesaver. Every single detail is important as the presentation is really about saving lives and taking in all the details gives us all renewed guidance. It teaches us how to identify a potential ambush zone and thereafter to immediately react by avoiding the potential ambush zone..."

East Coast Radio - Sue Gardner:
"...very informative. The information given to me will be used for the rest of my driving life. An absolutely brilliant presentation that everybody should attend..."

MRC - Carina Vorster:
"...I never thought that I would have to use the information I received from Johann on the Anti-Hijacking Presentation because I thought it won't happen to me. Thanks to me attending the seminar I was able to observe and identify my situation that could have turned out very nasty so.... Thank you Johann once again..."

CFR Freight - Lesley Quick:
"... one of our ladies was put in a situation and all your advice from attending the Anti-Hijacking Talk came back to her. She made no eye contact, yanked her kids out of the backseat and let them take her car and her handbag. She said that if it was for the talk that you gave, she is not sure that she or her children would be alive today so a HUGE thank you for the invaluable knowledge..."

MOP - Lorna Bowton:
"... an incredible eye opener. I went home and discussed it with my 11 year old son. Now I am 'reminded' of it daily. He is now also aware of potential situations and how to react... many thanks"

Garlicke & Bousfield - Jeanette Swart:
"...the talk was a great success and everyone raved about how much they have learnt, such a gentleman with his great sense of humour, we are all much more confident people after attending the course..."

Garlicke & Bousfield - Dorothy Stevens:
"...it's people like your goodself that make the difference, it was truly a wonderful talk..."

Alliance Property Group - Patricia Rodwell:
"...thank you for a very informative and eye-opening presentation. Your sense of humour really makes the presentation stick in my head..."

Sanlam - Helet Byron:
"...brilliant presentation, your joie de vivre and enthusiasm lifted my function to a different level, very interesting and thought provoking. We have been inundated with complimentary mails and look forward to working with you in the future..."
Daily News:

"...Mrs Burgess believes a course she attended (with Pro Driving Tactics), is what saved her life..."

Natal Blood Transfusion Services:
"...thank goodness that people like yourself are prepared to impart your skills and knowledge to others in an effort to keep us safe..."
"...When it is pointed out with humour and obvious sincerity...it is all the more effective..."
"...I am sure that those who attended gained a great deal of benefit from the presentation..."
"...I am far more observant and aware of what is going on around me..."

Magrit Kohne - F.O. Klipp & Associates:
"...most informative and interesting talk. Accordingly to all staff members you were brilliant, and your presentation was exceptionally well done, also with a sense of humour, which put us all in ease. We will definitely be even more pro-active in the future, we will know how to deal with a situation in a manner which could save our life, I just wish more people would invest in your Anti-Hijacking course, I certainly will advertise for you..."

Moreland Developments:
"...a superb presentation..."
"...certainly learnt a lot in terms of preventing a hijacking..."

Marinda Buys - Det Norske Veritas:
"...response was excellent and I think our office will be much more aware..."
"...after hearing your presentation and adhering to a few effortless precautions we might be able to prevent being involved in a hijacking..."
"...presentation was done in such a humorous and friendly way that we all enjoyed the morning..."
"...we will all surely recommend your company..."

Rachel - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...I’ve been telling everybody how to avoid being hijacked- thanks for maybe saving my life..."

"I must say that your tips on (Anti-Hijacking) probably saved my life and I got to live another day. Thanks, it sure does pay to always be alert. Keep up the good work."

Eric Swift:
"I recently attended a Pro Driving Tactics seminar hosted by Johann von Bargen. I was completely astounded at the level of professionalism that was displayed by the afore-mentioned gentleman, in every facet."

"...most interesting presentation and I will propagate the message"
"...the manner in which the presenter highlighted everyday occurrences and showed where the trap lies. No current presentation gets the message across like this one"
"... great presentation both logical and practical, definitely puts the brakes on hi-jackers"

MOP - Tyran Howell:
"...the course was well presented. Thanks for all the many lives you unknowingly saved."

Jan Meyer - NPA Lighthouse Services - Cape Town:
"...both the courses were most interesting and the presentation was brilliant"

Melanie Marais - NPA Lighthouse Services - Cape Town:
".... his confidence and knowledge of the subject was truly admirable. Thank you once again."

Rhoda - Yale - Durban:
"... great presentation, have received very positive feedback. It has made a significant difference in our lives. Thank you once again"

Shave & Gibson - Johannesburg:
"...Johann is very passionate about his subject and he checks for understanding as he covers his topics..."
"...he provides instant feedback..."
"...it has dramatically improved petrol consumption..."
"...much more relaxed when driving and very aware of my surroundings..."

Dennis Mpofana - Gauteng Sales Manager has personally recommended that anybody who drives a car should go on the course and commented on the immediate benefit of attending such a course.

AST Network:
"...I would be doing injustice to the talk to indicate which part I found interesting as everything was of relevance. At the end of the day, everything that I have learnt could save my life..."
"...very informative and interesting..."
"...I am sure that those who attended benefited a great deal from the presentation..."
"... am far more observant and aware of what is going on around me..."

Kwa-Zulu Natal Bookmakers Control Committee:
"Very good, informative and helpful"
"Excellent presentation and I learnt a lot"
"Very beneficial. Thank you very much"

V.K.E. Consulting Engineers and Planners:
"... The excellent presentation..."
"... the most stimulating and entertaining of all Forums..."
"... Everyone agreed that they could have sat all day listening to you..."

Colleen Jeffery:
"... course is based on preventive measures - before the hijacker gets to you..."
"... a former senior instructor at police training college who specialised in advanced driving tactics..."

Illovo Sugar:
"I can definitely say that the talk is the most informative that I have attended. Of special interest to me was the Anti Hijacking techniques that are applied to a moving situation where more than one car is involved. I believe it is very important to share what you have learnt with other, in fact I gave my department a talk along similar lines after attending this one."

Geraldine - Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs:

"The hijacking section (which found very enlightening and was particularly impressed by the suggest to "train" one’s kids or regular passengers of what you as a driver expect."

Kerstin Webster - Det Norske Veritas:
"...was an absolute '‘eye-opener'!"

Dag Fogelfors - Det Norske Veritas:
"...A very good course! Learnt a lot..."
"...should definitely be recommended..."

Bronwyn - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...that was one excellent talk!"
" ...you taught me things I never really knew"

Nedbank Syfrets:
"...excellent, definitely puts us in a stronger position"
"...it was very beneficial..."
"...I know it will help me if I ever got into the position of being hijacked..."
"...very interesting...basic techniques..."
"...I found it to be of great personal benefit...already made changes..."
"...it was extremely beneficial with useful hints..."
"...It was extremely informative... the whole point was simply awareness, be observant, use common sense...I will spread the word..."
"...he has created awareness..."
"...he was absolutely great...definitely an eye-opener...I have been made more aware of what to look for now..."
"...very informative...will be put to good use..."
"...well worth listening to...most enjoyable..."
"...it is the most logic way of thinking which made it very interesting...it was well worth it...that is all they spoke about when she arrived back at the office and also was very impressed..."
"...I am like a hawk on the road..."
"...It was great..."
"...very informative...I will also tell as many people as I can..."

Northglen News:
"... he was entertaining and the audience enjoyed his talk immensely..."
"... All were much wiser about how to avoid a hijacking at the end of the evening..."

Kloof Community Police Forum:
"...It was most obvious that your personality and subject matter was one of much interest..."
"...May I congratulate you on a very natural and down - to - earth presentation..."

Bortz, Lake and Partners:
"...Your talk was the ‘big hit’ of the evening and has been much talked about subsequently..."

The South African Refrigerated Distribution Association:
"...from the large attendance of members and the enthusiastic response, it is evident that this was a relevant and topical subject that you presented very professionally..."

Daily News:
"...who dishes out daily words of wisdom..."

Sugar Association:
"...Executive Director was very impressed with your presentation..."

Dr S. D. Dhanlall - Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs:
"All the staff at Durban have found the course to be very informative. The manner in which it was presented ie the use of audio visual and questions made it very interesting. All the staff ad thoroughly enjoyed the course and have certainly benefited from it."

Val van Rooyen:
"My husband and I were among many who attended his talk in Toti last night on Anti-Hijacking and we would like to say thank you very much for his most informative, at times "comical" - if you can use that term in hijacking - remarks and quips . I think all present have learnt a lot and will certainly be much alert when driving, especially, but also in general. Thank you once again for your excellent service provided to the public..."

Highway Mail Reporter:
"...be aware at all times..."
"...forum was well attended and tips were well received..."

Stanger Pre-Primary School:
"...received such positive feedback..."
"...quite a few people telephoned for your contact number...."

"...most interesting and enlightening address..."

Durban North / Umhlanga Police Liaison Forum:
"...to thank you for your support and the talk you delivered...was greatly appreciated..."

University of Natal:
"... thank you for your support and presence during the Anti Hijacking Crime Campaign..."
"....participation during the Campaign was greatly appreciated..."

Hoy Park Tennis Club:
"...fantastic response..."

Spar Natal:
"...your talk was so pertinent that we have put it in our Retail Bulletin..."

Dr Lukubisa - Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs:
"This course was very good as it gave us hints that you have to look for and how one should behave in case of hijack."

Dr N. H. Green- Thompson - Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs:
"The opinion of the staff is that the information received was very helpful especially with regards to tyre maintenance and skid control."

Jorg Rademacher - Det Norske Veritas:
"...very interesting and informative..."

Delia - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...really learnt a lot..."

Kelly - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...very good, learnt a lot..."

Jenny - NCVV Dameshuis:

"...thank you for a very good talk..."

Carmen - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...gave me lots of good advice..."

Bron - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...thanks for your helpful advice..."

Jax - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...I’m much more aware..."

Shane - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...very interesting talk, really enjoyed it..."

Craig - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...still haven’t been hijacked..."

Shirreen and Lauren Bell - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...the talk was very informative..."

Laurianne - NCVV Dameshuis:
"...it was very useful..."

Durban Girls' College:
"...most interesting and informative talk..."

Margrit Kohne - F.O. Klipp:
"... most informative and interesting talk..."
"... Johann was brilliant and the presentation was exceptionally well done, also with a sense of humour..."
"... we will all definitely be more pro-active in future..."

Infowave - Sandy Hall:
"... one of the most informative and interesting presentations we have ever had..."

"... a really excellent presentation..."
"... most interesting and thought provoking, will definitely recommend to others as it is a necessity..."

"... I attended the course and put it to good use. I was travelling at night and had an attempted hijacking on myself. Remembering what you had taught me on the course, I remained calm, put it into action and I was able to pull away in time - thanks for saving my life..."

Charlie Shelver:
"... we found it informative and an absolute eye opener. Both my daughter and I have become so aware of what is going on around us. Thank you. You are making a difference..."

Desny Littlejohn:
"...it was most beneficial and informative. I will definitely be putting it into practice. Thank you for the great work that you are doing..."

Rohm & Haas - Wendy Bisset:
"... an excellent presentation as well as very valuable. I am recommending it to all my family, friends and clients..."
Thompsons Tours - Eleanor:
"...really well presented. Very easy to understand and remember. I suggest that the talk becomes compulsory for more people attend. I will be spreading the word. Thank you again..."
Thompsons Tours - Vilashni:
"...it is definitely an eye opener. Learnt a lot and am already putting it into practice. Thanks..."
Thompsons Tours - Delveen:
"...Simply great! I am much more confident and always aware of my surroundings..."
Thompsons Tours - Pippa:
"... Was extremely good. I am imparting my vast knowledge to fellow housemates and family. Thanks for a very necessary talk..."
Thompsons Tours – Dale:
"... most interesting. Most of it being common sense that we as people don't put into practice, I'll definitely be doing just that from now on..."
Tompsons Tours – Christelle:
"... the talk was great. I learn't so much and put into practice all the way home..."
Thompsons Tours – Belinda:
"...Thank you for the talk, it was super indeed. I learnt a whole lot and it was well worth my time..."
Sasol - Paballo:
"...Johann is just amazingly interesting when presenting. I really did not want miss a single word he said. I have learnt a whole lot more and I thought I knew it all..."
Sasol - Herman:
"...Most interesting talk. This presentation is of world class standard and a must do for everyone driving..."
Sasol - Paul:
"...Most interesting. I believe the message is clear and very to the point. Putting into practice is what I am doing and I can't even explain the difference it is making..."
Sasol - Des Salzmann:
"... very comprehensive and I believe we have reached our objective, I have learnt how to eliminate obvious elements from my everyday life to prevent a potential hijacking. Thank you..."
Sasol - Gerhard:
"...I suggest a nationwide campaign be launched to educate all drivers as I feel that this is absolutely necessary. It was very interesting..."
Sasol - Piet:
"...It was very informative, entertaining and relevant. I am going to share this information with my family and friends..."
Sasol - Medical Research Council - Carina Vorster:
"...Ek wil net graag die geleentheid gebruik om te sê baie dankie vir die kursus. Ek is seker almal het baie daaruit geleer en is nou op die uitkyk vir 'potential hi-jackers'. Ek kan nou maar ontslae raak van die baseball-bat, die haelgeweer en die boomsaag wat agter my kar sitplek lê, aangesien ek nou van ander 'methods' geleer het om 'n hi-jack te voorkom. Weereens baie dankie, hoop dat ek die geleentheid in die nabye toekoms het om weer een van JVB se kursusse by te woon!"

Defensive Driving

BHP Billiton - Ashwin Gulzar:
"...was a very helpful and fruitful seminar. The drive back home was not the same. My eyes are now open to things that I merely took for granted before."
National Team Leader, Vehicle Accident Prevention Team - ESKOM:

"...With Pro Driving Tactics, as they definitely had the best reputation around in this regard..."
"...due to the excellent course and the awareness it stimulated of possible dangers on the road, and how to deal with those potential dangers..."
"...I know that I am now a safer, more advanced driver..."
"...and there has been a marked improvement in our accident statistics to date..."
"...Drivers are more aware, and alert in looking for possible hazards on the roads..."
"...Due to the excellent service and cooperation we have received from the staff of Pro Driving Tactics, and the obviously effectiveness of their training courses, this company now uses them in all four provinces..."

Spar Natal:
"...was excellent..."
"...various sessions which were so professionally and pleasantly run..."
"...were meticulously and clearly instructed..."
"...made me more confident, far more aware and yet far more relaxed driver..."

The Beare Group:
"...all members of our staff who attended the Skid Control course were very impressed, the course had been very worthwhile..."

Development Promotions:
"...wonderful and informative... opened a lot of peoples eyes to the dangers..."

Geraldine - Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs:
"...this knowledge coupled with Johann's amusing insistence that any accident is the fault of the driver who should adjust speed and vigilance to weather and road conditions, should enable me to handle such a situation again."

Sarah Richards - Member of Public:
"...I am already feeling a lot more confident driving around. It has empowered me to drive with confidence. I now have a better sense of control of my vehicle."

"...at no time is the testee placed under any stressful condition due to the expert skills of the Instructor..."
" ...This programme also does not focus on basic driving tactics as does the RTQS and ICONO programme - it is a course that should be done as a follow up, on the RTQS programme as it improved your ability to apply your skills..."
"...The instructor and the use of the instructional skills and aids are totally professional..."
"...The experience of the Instructor and his subject knowledge, is of the highest standard..."
"...This programme would definitely be of value to ESKOM and I would recommend the it be implemented..."

Renzo Giani - ESKOM:
"...attended the Pro Driving Tactics Advanced Driving course, twice in 1993, and then again in 1997, and I have gained tremendous value from this course..."
"...The course was about road survival, anticipation and planning..."
"...And (most importantly) it taught me that my previous accident was not something in which I was a powerless victim, and that there were ways in which I could actually have avoided being involved in the carnage..."
"...It has changed my attitude towards driving..."
"...My self-esteem and confidence has returned to the extent that I volunteered to go again for an Advanced Driving course last year, provided that it was Pro Driving Tactics..."
"...I have recommended this company to other ESKOM departments and to anyone wherever the subject comes up..."
"...I have also had occasions to compare Pro Driving Tactics with other companies in the Advanced Driving business and in my opinion, and that of our ESKOM Transmission Fleet manager, Mr Pat Stewart, we have not yet met with another company which provides the same quality of service in this field..."

Debbie Reynolds - Saturday Paper:
"...he is lethal when it comes to making you realise your driving shortcomings..."

Durban City Police:
"...reason for the recent reduction in our accident rate... be attributable to our Senior Advance Driving instructor (Johann von Bargen)..."
"...Driver training in the Durban City Police has now reached a stage whereby my Senior Instructor can no longer compare standards with similar Forces in South Africa..."

Ben Lombard - South African Police Services:
"...probably the highest qualified Advanced Driving instructor this country has to offer..."

South African Defence Force:
"...die teorie oor Defensiewe bestuur wat deur Mr Johann Von Bargen aangeraak word is baie kort en kragtig. Die teorie is van so ’n aard dat dit vinnig en maklik ingeneem word..."
"...Hy is ‘n spesialis in sy vakgebied en enige vrae kan deur hom beandwoord word..."
"...Ons het die K53 toets en Mr von Bargen se toets teenmekaar opgeweeg. Mr von Bargen se toets is in ‘n meer logiese volgorde en is makliker om te onthou alhoewel dieselfde punte as in die K53 toets gedek word..."
"...Mr von Bargen ken sy hoë spoed bestuurstegniek maar die klem word die heeltyd op veiligheid en defensiewe bestuur geplaas..."
"...Die oefening word in ‘n baie professioneel manier aangebied en is baie leersaam..."

Bellambie Mining and Industrial:
"...outstanding course provided for drivers..."
"...content was extensive and thorough. Manual was presented very professionally..."
"...I have no doubt that every participant has improved his / her driving skills and this will not only be of great benefit to the individuals concerned, but also of long term benefits to the company..."
"...most professional course..."
"...Johann’s presentation was lively and amusing and the little stories helped to commit it to memory. His advice to look ahead and around for possible dangers, to make a decision as to what to do, to change speed and direction and to do it Now, made sense..."

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