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Johann von Bargen is available as a speaker or MC for public events and conferences. He can speak on any of the course topics. Contact Johann to learn more.

Johann von Bargen
'The Traffic Guy'
The Traffic Guy Recommends

Johann 'The Traffic Guy' von Bargen meets many different people in his line of work & every so often, finds a company that he wants the world to know about! Here is a compilation of these companies - people with whom he likes to do business!

Try them and please let Johann know what you thought!

Michelle Driman

"Michelle Driman is one phenomenal lady and supplies an exceptional service. She will look after your website from start to finish and always with a smile. Her dedication and personal touch to website designing is unbelievable and highly recommended. She often goes out of her way to help and update my website. You can always expect the best that she has to offer. She gives brilliant advice on any of the following aspects: CLICK HERE FOR MORE."

Head Office Restaurant
"Excellent Sunday Roasts and weekly specials including Eishbien. A lot of effort goes into supplying good food and service." - Virginia Airport
Q 4 Prawns
"Brilliant, brilliant meals! Fish, prawns or lamb shank - to me the best in town and at a good price." - Heritage Market Hillcrest
"Only one guy looks after my tyres and that's Dave from Supaquick." - Waterkant Road
"The best burgers and curry and rice you can find in my opinion. They're different." La Lucia Mall
Networx Learning and Assessment Centre
"If you need to be taught computer skills, this is the place to contact. If you need a venue for lecture reasons or for board meetings, this is also the place to contact! It is the cleanest and neatest venture you will find." - Durban North
Cabs Car Hire
"For the right car at the right price, I have changed to Cabs Car Hire. They are in all the main cities. Their office is in Durban North."
East Coast Roadside Emergency Services
"Broken down? If you ever in trouble with car and need quick professional help, phone this guy - Dave from East Coast Roadside Emergency Services. He gets the job done fast!"
Adams Plumbers - Durban North
"If ever you have plumbing problems or ever need any other job done around the house, phone Adams Plumbers for punctuality, a proper job done and excellent service!"
Approved Auto
Have you seen me around Durban with my car from Approved Auto?

If you're looking for SUV's, 4x4's, trucks, LMV's, and motorcycles, then go to Approved Auto.

"Approved Auto are nice people to do business with. I know this because I've done business with them & been very impressed with the results. Their attitude, their willingness to give me exactly what I want, at a great price, with excellent after sales service, means that I'm confident enough to back them 100%.

I've been offered various opportunities to back companies in the industry but Approved Auto is the only one with whom I want to associate. If you're looking for a used vehicle, call Approved Auto - they're nice people to do business with."

Call Approved Auto:
031 263 2515 / 6 or www.approvedauto.co.za

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