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Johann von Bargen is available as a speaker or MC for public events and conferences. He can speak on any of the course topics. Contact Johann to learn more.

Johann von Bargen
'The Traffic Guy'
Company Fun Activities

Are you tired, stressed and feel the need to get out there and beat the blues? Or are you looking forward to a day out of the office with your work colleagues? Either way - this is for you!

To book any of the Company Fun Activities below, please click here.

1. Observation Rally

This is not a treasure hunt... (Looking for melted chocolate underneath rocks is not my idea of fun.) We are able to arrange this event for groups of people who need to use their eyes and mind alot.

You will be given a clear route (we don't want to get you lost, we don't want to send out search parties!) Along that route, you will be given cryptic clues. You'll be able to see the answer written on a building, on a wall, a dustbin or anywhere else. If you understand the clue, then you should get the answer.

This is not a race, but rather about who gets the most answers correct. The answers are educational and/or humorous. On your return, we will mark the papers and then tell the rest of the group what your answers were (good or bad). Unfortunately the results could end in hectic verbal disagreements between the team members in each car!

At the end of the day, it is designed to be fun. For more details, contact 082 443 3630.
2. Fun Topics

Talks can also be done on a variety of subjects, either before or after the Observation Rally.

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