Very popular course.
May be used as an educational seminar or function speaker for large groups.
Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Prevent hijackers taking your car BEFORE they get to you.
Learn to find them first, where they operate and the latest methods that they use to get your car.

You can dramatically cut down the possibility of being hijacked, without adding any extra equipment to your vehicle - i.e. no sprays, batons, guns, etc.

Course Contents

1. The background and statistics to the Hi-jacking problem.
2. Different types of Hijackers.
3. Their reasons for Hi-jacking.
4. What does the Hijacker really want.
5. What do they know about their potential victims.
6. Routines that could help prevent Hi-jackings.
7. Work out in advance where they operate.
8. Observation test.
9. How to identify potential Hijackers, in a group of people, in advance.
10. The common methods Hijackers use.
11. What your conduct should be to minimise injuries, if Hijacked.
12. How to get youngsters out of the vehicle, before they are taken.
13. Summary.