Advanced Driving Seminar

Very popular course.
May be used as an educational seminar or function speaker for large groups.
Duration: 3.5 hours

This seminar is based on the theory of Skid Control, Defensive Driving & Anti-Hijacking. Many large Corporate Companies have found this seminar very useful for keeping their productivity up by lessening the chance of any of their staff having an accident or being Hijacked. Why don't you get your company to sponsor your staff to be safer and more productive. Just tell your BOSS that you have found a way to save the company lots and lots of money.

This course contain information on three different subjects, all on one day.

Course Contents

Skid Control
- What to do if the vehicle goes into a skid.

1. Cause of a Skid

2. Information on Tyres

3. Types of Skids
    a. Front wheel skid - cause and response.
    b. Rear wheel skid - cause and response.
    c. Four wheel skid - cause and response.

4. Advantages of Not Skidding

Defensive Driving
- To upgrade the safety of the driver to avoid collisions.

   Demonstration of practicals are done in the classroom.

1. Collision Prevention Formula

2. Vehicle Check (simple but detailed)
    a. Reasons for doing a vehicle check.
    b. Exterior check.
    c. Interior vehicle check.
    d. Gauges.
    e. Electrical.

3. Following Distance
    a. Reasons for a safe following distance.
    b. How to calculate the following distance.
    c. Reaction time.
    d. Reaction distance.

4. Stopped Distance
    a. Reasons for a safe stopped distance.
    b. How to calculate the stopped distance.

5. Braking Techniques
    a. Brake failure.
    b. Importance of braking early.
    c. Braking on descents.

6. Acceleration Techniques
    a. Fuel consumption.
    b. Correct revs.

7. Dangers
    a. Definition of a danger.
    b. Main types of dangers.

8. The Power of Road Observation
    a. What to look for.
    b. Where to look for dangers.
    c. Taking note of what you see.
    d. Looking for clues.
    e. Observation exercise.
    f. In class practical.

Anti Hijacking
- To prevent a hi-jacking.

1. Background and statistics to the Hi-jacking problem.
2. Different types of Hijackers.
3. Their reasons for Hi-jacking.
4. What does the Hijacker really want.
5. What do they know about their potential victim.
6. Routines that could help prevent Hi-jackings.
7. Work out in advanced where they operate.
8. Observation test.
9. How to identify potential Hijackers in a group of people, in advance.
10. The common methods Hijackers use.
11. What your conduct should be, to minimise injuries, if Hi-jacked.
12. How to get youngsters out the vehicle, before they are taken.
13. Summary.