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Johann von Bargen is available as a speaker or MC for public events and conferences. He can speak on any of the course topics. Contact Johann to learn more.

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Johann von Bargen, 'The Traffic Guy' on East Coast Radio, has been on the forefront of the fight against hijackers. With his seminars on anti-hijacking techniques & defensive driving & the cutting down of accident rates, the message has been delivered to tens of thousands of people around South Africa.

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What We Are About

Pro Driving Tactics is concerned with improving the attitude, knowledge and skills of people who have already obtained their drivers' license.

These courses will help you to:

  1. Save lives
  2. Reduce maintenance costs like fuel consumption and wear and tear - adding up to major financial savings for companies and individuals.
Course Selection

These courses can be done anywhere in South Africa and huge discounts are available for large groups.

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1. Anti-Hijacking (Theory Only)

Prevent hijackers taking your car BEFORE they get to you. Learn to find them first, where they operate and the latest methods that they use to get your car.

Radmark - Michelle van Wyk:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am positive that attending your talk helped save the life of my daughter and myself with the situation that we were put through. All that went through my head was your face and your words of advice / wisdom / insight. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

MRC - Carina Vorster
"I never thought that I would have to use the information I received from Johann on the Anti-Hijacking Presentation because I thought 'it won't happen to me'. Thanks to me attending the seminar, I was able to observe and identify my situation that could have turned out very nasty so, thank you Johann once again!"

CFR Freight - Lesley Quick
"One of our ladies was put in a situation and all your advice from attending the Anti-Hijacking Talk came back to her. She made no eye contact, yanked her kids out of the backseat and let them take her car and her handbag. She said that if it was for the talk that you gave, she is not sure that she or her children would be alive today so a HUGE thank you for the invaluable knowledge."


2. Advanced Driving Seminar (Theory Only / Theory & Practical)

Incoporating Skid Control, Defensive Driving & Anti-Hijacking, this course will help you to save lives and to save money, by reducing your fuel consumption and wear and tear on your vehicle.

"I attended the course and put it to good use. I was travelling at night and had an attempted hijacking on myself. Remembering what you had taught me on the course, I remained calm, put it into action and I was able to pull away in time - thanks for saving my life."

Distell - Pieter Joubert
"It is highly recommended that all company vehicle users undergo this session as Johan is a true professional insofar his experience, subject knowledge and presentation skills. The entire subject matter was concisely and expertly dealt with using excellent audience participation skills. There was never a dull moment during the entire 3 hour duration of the presentation. Well done in sourcing an outside training company that should add value to all essential our company vehicle users.

Shave & Gibson, Johannesburg
"Johann is very passionate about his subject and he checks for understanding as he covers his topics."
"He provides instant feedback."
"It has dramatically improved petrol consumption."
"Much more relaxed when driving and very aware of my surroundings."
Dennis Mpofana (Gauteng Sales Manager) has personally recommended that anybody who drives a car should go on the course and commented on the immediate benefit of attending such a course.


3. Defensive Driving Course (Theory & Practical)

Defensive driving is learning the art of preventing collisions before they happen to you.

Ben Lombard - South African Police Services:
" Probably the highest qualified Advanced Driving instructor this country has to offer."

Unilever - Mike Ramosoeu
"I have been exposed to a very great, safe Defensive Driving Course. The course is very good, very informative and presented in a way that allows one to participate. Everyone in the training room gets an opportunity to participate and enjoy. When it comes to the practical driving, the instructor becomes your team member in taking you through the process and allows you to make mistakes and then rectify them at the same time. I have enjoyed this training more than any I have been to. Once again thank you to Johann von Bargen!"

"I attended the Pro Driving Tactics Advanced Driving course, twice in 1993 and then again in 1997, and I have gained tremendous value from this course. The course was about road survival, anticipation and planning and (most importantly) it taught me that my previous accident was not something in which I was a powerless victim and that there were ways in which I could actually have avoided being involved in the carnage."
"It has changed my attitude towards driving. My self-esteem and confidence has returned to the extent that I volunteered to go again for an Advanced Driving Course last year, provided that it was with Johann von Bargen."
"I have recommended this company to other Eskom departments and to anyone wherever the subject comes up."
"I have also had occasions to compare Pro Driving Tactics with other companies in the Advanced Driving business and in my opinion, and that of our ESKOM Transmission Fleet manager, Mr Pat Stewart, we have not yet met with another company which provides the same quality of service in this field."

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